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Occupy Wall Street: Protester's Paradise [Pics]

Squalor, disease, malnutrition, lack of medical care and other things that we couldn't find.

Occupy Wall Street
This guy's just playing a didgeridoo. Clearly, the movement is starting to take a mental toll on protesters.

Occupy Wall Street

"The medical tent also has contacts established with people at a mental health facility that are able to do psychiatrist sit-ins," a protester told us, but others have turned to alternative methods for their mental well-being.

Occupy Wall Street
"We have a medical tent that's been taking care of people amazingly. I started feeling a little sick the other night, went to the medical tent, got some stuff and felt amazing the next day," Occupiers revealed. "Real doctors and nurses. EMTs too." Another recounted, "I had to get six stitches about a week and a half ago. I got the best medical care in my life, right here."

Seriously?! Fuck it, we're in—make room, hippies. What are we mad about, again?


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