10 Habits to Trash Before You Turn 30

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10 Habits to Trash Before You Turn 30

From overusing emoticons to ignoring your 401k, experts identify 10 behaviors that scream man-child.

Tech has made life way easier and more fun (Fantasy Football being just one example), but there is such a thing as too much of it. Some people call having multiple tabs open on your browser “multitasking,” but checking social media, box scores, your personal e-mail, and your work e-mail all at once, 24/7, means you’re giving only partial attention to any one thing before switching to something else, says Larry Rosen, author of iDisorder. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but soon you won’t be able to concentrate on the stuff that really matters, like solving a major work problem or having a nice night out with your girlfriend.

“This process of constant interruptions causes learning difficulties, communication issues, and more problems than I can list,” Rosen says. “We, as humans, need to completely—and sometimes deeply—process information to make good decisions and have good relationships at home, at play, and at work.”

The Fix: If you’ve been sucked into the tech vortex (and you know if you have been), Rosen recommends retraining your brain to focus for concerted periods of time. Turn off your phone and log off of social media for 15 to 30 minutes to focus on just one thing. Then allow yourself a one- to two-minute tech break to check in with social media and your phone. Repeat as necessary until you learn to focus when you need to and shut the other stuff out.

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