10 Habits to Trash Before You Turn 30

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10 Habits to Trash Before You Turn 30

From overusing emoticons to ignoring your 401k, experts identify 10 behaviors that scream man-child.

A lot of guys don’t eat breakfast. The weird thing is, though, that skipping a meal is more likely to give you a gut and make you sick than having something quick before you leave the house. “If you skip breakfast, the prolonged fasting can slow your metabolism and immune function, leading to weight gain and more frequent infections,” Masley says.

The Fix: Steel-cut oatmeal, a veggie omelet, or a protein smoothie with frozen berries are the best choices for breakfast, Masley says. If sitting down at the table just isn’t going to happen, stock yogurt and fruit or a hard-boiled egg that you can take with you.

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