10 Habits to Trash Before You Turn 30

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10 Habits to Trash Before You Turn 30

From overusing emoticons to ignoring your 401k, experts identify 10 behaviors that scream man-child.

You don’t have to zip your junk into metrosexual skinny jeans to look good. What impresses everyone, from your boss to the group of blondes you’re trying to buy drinks for, is decent kicks. “I personally think the worst fashion habit men in their 20s have is in the shoes,” says celebrity menswear designer Malan Breton. “I'm a huge advocate for individuality in fashion, but make sure your shoes are clean, updated, and not worn to death. You are an adult now, and the first thing anyone looks at when you walk in a room is not your body, your face, or your beautiful teeth, it's all about the shoes.”

The Fix: Remember Breton’s rule of three the next time you’re buying a new pair. “I recommend three pairs of shoes: a stylish trainer, a great leather boot—just make sure they are always polished and the soles are never worn down—and a modern leather brogue.” (A brogue is a sturdy dress shoe with a little bit of perforation at the edges, like a wingtip.) “All three of these will be you and your wardrobe’s best friend,” Breton says.

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