10 Most Rugged Trail Running Spots in the U.S.

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10 Most Rugged Trail Running Spots in the U.S.

From a rugged, ultra-muddy backcountry path in New Hampshire, to a lung piercing, single-track in New Mexico, we present America’s finest and toughest trail runs — totally worth it, but guaranteed to kick your butt.

Location: New Hampshire
Distance: 14 miles

Like to get dirty when you hit the trails? The ultra-muddy reputation of this 7.5-mile out-and-back should do the job. The Lower Nanamocomuck Trail located slightly northwest of Conway, New Hampshire, was originally built with skiing in mind, but from March to November it’s open to runners and mountain bikers. It’s a classic New England backcountry path, and therefore doesn’t gain much elevation. Start at the gravel Bear Notch Road in White Mountain National Forest and follow the tight single-track along Swift River. You’ll cross an occasional log bridge through murky marshland. Accept the mud, there’s no avoiding it.

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