10 Most Rugged Trail Running Spots in the U.S.

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10 Most Rugged Trail Running Spots in the U.S.

From a rugged, ultra-muddy backcountry path in New Hampshire, to a lung piercing, single-track in New Mexico, we present America’s finest and toughest trail runs — totally worth it, but guaranteed to kick your butt.

Location: Washington
Distance: Adaptable

The 3,082-acre Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park covers most of the Issaquah highlands outside Seattle, Washington. In the park, there’s a 36-mile network of gently rolling, crisscrossing trails adaptable to any workout. Start from one of the park’s four main trailheads, and get creative with how far you go from there. Trails loop around and intersect throughout the park at vistas of the Cascade Mountains, Lake Sammamsih, and the Seattle skyline, and it’s tough to get lost. Hard-core trail runners who cover a lot of ground will catch the best of the park’s natural beauty: waterfalls, lush forest floor, glacial boulders, and running creeks.


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