10 Most Rugged Trail Running Spots in the U.S.

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10 Most Rugged Trail Running Spots in the U.S.

From a rugged, ultra-muddy backcountry path in New Hampshire, to a lung piercing, single-track in New Mexico, we present America’s finest and toughest trail runs — totally worth it, but guaranteed to kick your butt.
Location: Missouri
Distance: 24 miles

The 24-mile Berryman Trail, east of St. James, runs through Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. Though it’s traditionally a backpackers’ paradise, the rocky single-track is also ideal if you’re up for a long, challenging trail run. Switchbacks take you from low creek bottom to high windy ridges through oak and pine forest. You’ll have to cross a few streams without bridges so heavy duty trail running shoes will come in handy, and even then you might get your feet wet. Perfect for the guy who likes to hack it in the woods.

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