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2012 Adventure Race Guide: Midwest

Make this the fittest and most adventurous year of your life with these challenges.

Flying Squirrel Unbridled Adventure Race

General Butler State Resort Park, Kentucky
Flying Squirrel Adventures set up a series of adventure races of increasing difficulty as a sort of on-ramp program for would-be racers. The first in the series is this one, held at scenic General Butler State Park. It's a four-hour race that includes paddling, mountain biking and a fair bit of trail running. The courses are designed to be challenging, but also to ensure that beginners can finish, even if their navigation skills have been hindered by reliance on GPS systems. The races are open to teams of 1-4 and they even provide the boat for you for the first three races in the series so you don't have to invest in a ride if you're not totally sure you're the adventure racing type. If you work your way through the first three races, you can do the 12-hour adventure race in the fall at Natural Bridge State Resort Park. it's much tougher and a lot longer, but it's a serious accomplishment to finish it.
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