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2012 Adventure Race Guide: Northeast

Make this the fittest and most adventurous year of your life with these challenges.

Death Race

The website for this insane survival race is, which should tell you something about the nature of the thing. In order to set itself apart from all of the other obstacle and short adventure races that have been popping up all over the country, this race turns the difficulty to maximum. If it were a video game, this would be like playing on expert mode. The race itself is approximately 40 miles over treacherous mountain terrain and the obstacles can get downright sadistic. Chopping wood for two hours, cutting up a bushel of onions, and carrying around a giant log aren't out of the ordinary. The race can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to finish, but only about 15% of the entrants actually make it to the finish line. Those who do, though, can consider themselves certified bad asses. Get more information at Go back to the Northeast Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >>


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