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2012 Adventure Race Guide: Northwest

Make this the fittest and most adventurous year of your life with these challenges.

Graffiti Racing The Point Adventure Race

June 29, 2012 Wasatch Front, Utah Before this race kicks off, the racers don't know where they'll be going, which is a big part of the adventure. You stand at the starting line with a compass and a map, ready to make your way wherever you're told to go. There are a variety of courses as part of this race, ranging from 40-100 miles of tough Utah ground to cover. That means you can race for anywhere between 4 and the full 24-hours depending on your level of commitment and skill. Once you get to the starting area, you're given a chance to analyze the map and figure out the best way to hit all the checkpoints before heading out. You'll have to plan your gear drops and other strategic maneuvers if you want to make it to the end in a timely fashion, which makes it more challenging than some other races. All of the races also include some climbing at an indoor climbing gym, so you get the exhaustion and forearm pump of climbing as part of the race without the risk of falling to your death. Get more information at Go back to the Northwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >>


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