The Original Mud Run

Dallas Fort Worth and Houston Texas Lots of obstacle races are inspired by military training, but this series takes that attitude one step further. There's a DGAP division, which allows anyone to do the run to challenge themselves, but if you want to "win" you're going to have to get militant. Competitive athletes need to wear "boots and utter" which means you have to do the race in boots as well as utility pants like those found in the armed forces. You work in teams for 2-5, but all members of the team have to cross the line within 15-seconds of one another. The course itself is made up of a whole heap of obstacles, many of which are kept secret until the day of the race. There's a huge emphasis on team work, especially in the competitive division, so there's extra motivation to train hard. You don't want to be the slow guy on your team right? Didn't think so. Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >>