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2012 Adventure Race Guide: Southwest

Make this the fittest and most adventurous year of your life with these challenges.

Mad Mud Run

Las Vegas, NV, Sedona, and Phoenix, AZ If you're looking for something that takes just a couple hours to complete and you're more into punishment than navigation, these shorter races might be just what you're looking for. They range from 3-5 miles and take only a couple hours to complete. But, because of the short length, the focus is on speed. There's a variety of military style obstacles that don't have cute names like those found in some other races. Some require team work, but they're all manageable by just about everyone. Even though they're set in dry climates, there's still plenty of mud to be had, which you'll likely be very glad to plop into if you're trying to get out of the hot, dry air. One of the most appealing parts is that you don't need any gear at all besides a pair of running shoes and some shorts. Anything less than that and you might run into some trouble. Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >>


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