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4 Races to Train for This Year

Looking for that next challenge? Take on one of these.
4 Races to Train for This Year

According to Running USA, a non-profit running promotional organization, nearly sevenmillion guys in the US finished running events in 2012. If you’re looking to join their ranks this year, consider these races.

Location: San Jose, CA

If you’ve been out of it for a while, break in your new shoes with this race in sunny San Jose. There are 5K and 10K options, along with a kid’s race, a team race, and $5,000 on the line for overall and age group winners.

Location: Corbett, OR

If this 10K in the scenic Pacific Northwest doesn’t remind you why you started running in the first place, it could be the only race that makes the nerd in you get off the couch. Be the first male (or female) participant dressed as a super hero to cross the finish line and get a free fifth of McMenamin's Hogshead whiskey or a fifth of Cascade Lakes vodka as a prize.

Location: Philadelphia, PA Nothing’s filthier than a mud run in a tough town like Philly. This 5K obstacle course will have you slogging through tunnels, tires, netting, and even some kind of post-apocalyptic slip n’ slide. And bring the kids: The Little N’ Filthy Fun Runs (about a mile long) hone the skills of tomorrow’s adventure

Location: New York, NY It’s the biggest marathon in the world. Join over 50,000 runners as they charge through Central Park, Harlem, and Brooklyn’s Park Slope. For reference, Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai won last year with a time of two hours, eight minutes, and 24 seconds. But you’ll earn serious street cred if you can just


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