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7 Strategies for Cycling Faster, Farther, and More Efficiently

1. Find your sweet spot.
Focus on maintaining a good position on the bike. If you’re unsure of proper positioning, consult with a local bike shop. Improper positioning—like sitting too far forward on the seat or leaning forward too far—often results in poor energy transfer, and can even lead to injury.
—George Hincapie, retired 17-time Tour de France rider [pictured above]

2. Hit your rhythm.
Riding with a proper cadence (80–100 cranks per minute) will help your muscles and legs last longer. On climbs, always shift to an easier gear—I spin about a 90-95 cadence; your muscles tire out quicker when you’re pushing a slow 65 or 70.
—Evelyn Stevens, two-time U.S. national time trial champion and two-time world team time trial champion

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