3. Save your strength.
When your legs are fresh, it’s tempting to push the pace. It’s better to ride conservatively in the first half of a long event so you’re strong on the way to the finish. Not only will you have a faster overall finish time, but you’ll enjoy the final hour on the bike a lot more.
—Chris Carmichael, founder/head coach of Carmichael Training Systems [pictured above]

4. Let your legs do the work.
Try to keep your upper body as still as possible, because the more you move it around, the more energy you’re losing. Focus on being relaxed and on directing all your energy into your pedal strokes. 
—George Hincapie

5. Feed the fire inside.
What you put into your body has a huge impact on the performance you can get out of it.Hydration is key. Bring a good energy drink, like all-natural Skratch Labs, and hydrate constantly—at least a bottle every hour—especially if it’s hot. Eat every hour on any ride longer than two hours to properly refuel your body. 
—George Hincapie

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