America’s Top 10 Bike-Commuting Cities

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America’s Top 10 Bike-Commuting Cities

Save on gas and squeeze in a workout by using one of these bike-share options to get to work.

Cycling to the office builds a workout into your day, slashes your gas budget, and reduces your carbon footprint. If you’ve been commuting on four wheels instead of two because you don’t own a bike, then you may be surprised to learn just how much your city is doing to hook you up with a sweet, pedal-powered ride.

Dozens of cities now have bike-share programs—or are about to launch them—so you can ride from Point A to Point B, hassle-free. Simply pay for a single ride or an ongoing weekly ($15 to $25) or annual subscription ($65–$95) and cruise from kiosk to kiosk. You’ll have about 30 to 60 minutes for each trip (after all, it’s a bike share, not a rental) and don’t forgot your helmet; most cities require you to wear one by law.

As awareness and demand for two-wheelers grows, many bike-friendly cities plan to add more bike lanes and racks. Find out if your town is rolling with the trend by checking out our list of America’s top bike-commuting cities.


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