America’s Top 10 Bike-Commuting Cities

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America’s Top 10 Bike-Commuting Cities

Save on gas and squeeze in a workout by using one of these bike-share options to get to work.

Connecting three major neighborhoods to downtown Boston, Hubway Bike Share Program’s true beauty lies in its regional spread of more than 100 kiosks citywide. The Cambridge and Somerville areas have some of the highest bike-commuter populations in America, with 7% and 5% of people riding to work, respectively. (FYI: the nation’s average is less than 2%). And though the Brookline area isn’t as popular for bike commuting, transportation officials are adding more bike racks in its commercial zones as well as more lanes and shared lane markings on major roads to improve regional connection.


 Cost: Annual Membership ($85), Monthly Membership ($20), 24-Hour Pass ($6), 3-Day Pass ($12);


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