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An Adventure Hike Done Right

Hungry for an outdoor challenge? One MF editor reflects on her very first extreme hike—and what she learned from it.


In the middle of an event, sometimes your heart just sinks when your worst fear is staring you in the face. Surprisingly that paralysis occurred only once on my trek, when I saw our trail skirting along a 70-degree slope covered in rocks and slippery pine needles (really?!). But 12 miles in, there was no turning back. With no escape route, I got the chance to see what I was really made of: All fight, all focus, all good.

So in short: Choose your first adventure race wisely, prepare fully, expect the unexpected—it all seems like common knowledge. But if you follow those tips to a T, you'll never regret it, and more adventure will await around the corner.


Infinite thanks from the author to: Mountain Hardwear, for the plush, 2 lb(!) Phantom 15 sleeping bag that shut out the cold all night long; Lärabar, for the crucial (and tasty) sustenance; and the Survival Training School of California for being the real deal—from start to finish.



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