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Be Your Own EMT

Fast fixes for 10 common (or freak) accidents.

Sprain Your Ankle

Approximately 25,000 people sprained an ankle today, simply by twisting, rolling, or turning a foot in such a way that it stretched the ankle ligaments beyond the normal range. “Obvious deformity is indicative of a fracture or dislocation,” Ross says. “Get it evaluated.”

● If it’s severely sprained or deformed, make a splint. “Fold a sturdy piece of cardboard in two places and gently wrap it around the ankle,” Ross says, “or roll up two magazines and put one on either side, then tape it together with duct tape or tie it with a shirt— but not too tightly.”
● DO NOT try to reset the joint.
● Seek medical treatment.
● For mild sprains, treat with “RICE”:

1. Rest the ankle by not walking on it.
2. Ice the ankle, applying the ice immediately to reduce swelling, and using it 10–20 minutes, three to four times daily.
3. Compress using elastic bandages to reduce swelling of the injured ankle.
4. Elevate the ankle above your heart for the first two days.



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