Have Something in Your Eye

Not stars, not twinkles. It’s the gritty, manly stuff like grass or dirt or shards of something that can cause tearing, headache, blurred vision, or photophobia. It’ll drive you to distraction until you get it out. Here’s how you do it without damaging your cornea.

● DO NOT press on or rub your eye, or use your dirty finger, a Q-tip, or tweezers to try removing the foreign object. Wash your hands before attempting treatment.
● Irrigate the eye by leaning your head with the affected eye down. Gently pour water from a faucet, pitcher, or sterile saline bottle onto the eye.
● If irrigation doesn’t work the first time, try holding your top eyelid out over your bottom one.
● Follow up with an eye-care professional. “Even if the eye feels better, there could be some damage that isn’t immediately obvious,” Ross says.