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Be Your Own EMT

Fast fixes for 10 common (or freak) accidents.

Have a Nosebleed

In the absence of other medical problems such as cancer, renal failure, or a bleeding disorder, most spontane-
ous nosebleeds are caused by picking, even if you don’t care to admit it. “In arid or cold climates, the nasal septum gets dry and can bleed if you blow too hard or pick your nose,” says Ross.

● Lean slightly forward so the blood doesn’t run down your throat.
● Pinch nostrils for 5–15 minutes.
● Stay calm. Anxiety increases blood flow.
● If bleeding continues, apply ice to the bridge of your nose or pressure to your upper lip.
● Avoid blowing your nose. Use a sterile saline to rinse. Seal in the moisture with a thin coating of Vaseline.
● CAUTION: If bleeding won’t stop, or you have difficulty breathing, call 911.



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