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The Best No-Hassle Mountain Bike Getaways

Three extreme adventures of unparalleled beauty.
Man mountain biking.

Few extreme sports travel as poorly as mountain biking. “Flying is a nightmare,” says professional racer Ross Schnell. “You have to disassemble the bike, cram it into a travel case, and pay these crazy fees—and more than half of the time they lose the bike.” But you shouldn’t let any logistical nuisances hold you back from a much-needed, two-wheeled escape. Unlike Schnell, contractually bound to lug his deluxe, high-performance, full- suspension Trek Remedy around the globe (our hearts go out to him), you have a much easier solution: Leave everything at home. At these booming trail-riding meccas of varying continent, terrain, and degree of difficulty (not to mention fitness level), all you need is a ticket and a toothbrush. Though we would strongly suggest a fresh pair of legs, too.

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