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Bike Commuting 101

Bike to work and get fit while going from A to B.
Craig Cutler

You know your bike’s a great fitness machine—but what happens if you ride it for transportation?

First, you get and stay fit without even trying. Consider your daily commute: Assuming you live in the U.S., your round-trip sitting in a car or on a bus, train, or subway averages about 50 minutes. But on a bike, even at a casual 12–14 mph, a 185-pound guy burns 355 calories in 30 minutes.

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It’s also a healthy mental break after work. (Be sure to always wear a helmet, to avoid a different kind of mental break.)

The biggest hurdles to bike commuting are straightforward—comfort and safety—and, luckily, easily solved. We turned to Zoë Cheswick, a bike educator at Bike New York, a nonprofit that promotes cycling on NYC’s manic streets, for expert tips. More than just a mouthpiece, Cheswick also walks the walk (or rides it), biking 26 miles round-trip to work up to four times a week. Here’s her sage advice.

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