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Bike Commuting 101

Bike to work and get fit while going from A to B.

Be visible.
Stay aware of your surrounding light conditions. This is especially important during the short days of winter, when you’re likely to be riding in darkness. Mount a white light on the front of your bike and a red light on the back.

Wear comfortable clothing.
Wear something that won’t irritate or distract you. If there’s no shower at the office, brands like Giro and Rapha make great street-style cycling apparel with wicking materials. And use baby wipes!

Let the bike haul your stuff. Carry your bag and other gear on a rack or in panniers. Wearing a backpack or messenger bag is a recipe for a sore, sweaty back.

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Street photography by Sam Polcer, author of Preferred Mode (the blog) and New York Bike Style (the book). 



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