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Crack the Surface: Rivers, Coasts, and Caves

Ready to get a little wet? Enjoy the water and get fit by going rafting, kayaking or diving. Here's how.

Essential Gear

Body Glove 2013 Exo Diving Wetsuit (7mm) (above): The 2013 Exo is made from ultra-durable yet flexible material with a thermofiber interior and a 100% fluid seal, to keep you warm and keep water out. ($400;

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Stohlquist FreeRyde Drytop: A waterproof, breathable four-layer drytop, with latex-coated wrist gaskets for splash-free performance out on the water. ($329;

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Werner Paddles Powerhouse Whitewater: Paddle this lightweight paddle boasts amazing power and response. ($250;

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