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G4's American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Will Break You

The ANW hosts and a veteran competitor reveal the secrets of Sasuke.

American Ninja Warrior Hosts

The hosts have seen their fair share of wide ranging athletes and personalities on the show, including one guy in his 50s who thoroughly impressed Moseley. “This course can basically eat you alive, but this guy was in crazy shape,” Moseley recalls. “He was really fired up. To see a guy like that push himself to the limit, while guys half his age tried and didn’t have a shot; it was probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen.”

With the popularity of ANW growing, the youth of America is picking up another unconventional way to get active, as the obstacle courses continue to catch on in communities. “There are gyms that have cropped up all over America,” says Iseman. “The younger generations, that have grown up on extreme sports and the X Games are always looking for different ways to challenge themselves. That’s what I love about this course; it’s a great way to measure your true athleticism.”

One thing is for certain, being a true Nina Warrior takes hard work and isn’t easily attained. Just ask Iseman, who tried out some obstacles and, well, wiped out. “I have [tried the course], unfortunately, and there’s video of it,” says Iseman of his run. “I hit the water so hard they had to refill the pool. This course will humble you and it will break you.”

With the new season on the horizon, the goal to emerge victorious on ANW will be sought after by many, including Steffensen, who still has dreams of completing the elusive Mount Midoriyama.

“No American has ever conquered it, and I definitely plan on changing that this year,” says Steffensen. “It’s going to be a huge season for the sport, with the finals being held in Vegas, and I’m ready for whatever they can throw at me.”

American Ninja Warrior premieres Sunday, May 20 at 9/8c on G4.



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