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How to Get an Abdominal V

Master these lower abdominal and oblique moves to bring out your "sex lines."
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Scoring even the slightest visible abs through an intense training regimen and finely tuned diet is no easy feat for anyone who isn't genetically predisposed, but how do you step up your game even further and bring legitimate definition in the area?

We've asked founder of TRyMFitness and training correspondent to HUMANFITPROJECT,  Tim McComsey, NASM-CPT for a write-up and demo of a two-day per week routine to land those lower abdominal and oblique cuts that some women (we asked them) like to refer to as "sex lines."


> Perform the routine two days per week.
> Take 15-30 seconds rest in between sets. Take 60 seconds rest in between exercises.

1. Suspended Reverse Crunch

Reps: 15, 12, 10, 10, 10

2. Decline Russian Twist

Sets: 5
Reps: 12, 12, 12, 12, 12 [6 reps per side]

3. Hanging Leg Raises

Sets: 5
Reps: 12-15

** Not illustrated

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