The concrete jungle serves up the best backdrop for breaking a serious sweat. Cities boast elevation shifts, constant movement, and crackling energy—all of which you can channel into every workout. If the rebel in you is trying to break out of your treadmill-and-weights slump, pick up a board or a BMX bike. Cruise the city, ride the rails, and acquire a few well-earned bruises for faster metabolism, better coordination, and quicker reflexes. Then there’s parkour, which turns your city into an obstacle course. The metropolis is a virtual play- ground of athletic opportunity, so choose your escape route and get going. 

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Before you tackle wall runs and tic-tac techniques, use these basic training tips from American Parkour (AMP) to help you prep for both parkour and skateboarding.

Glutes/Hamstrings/Lats/Delts: Do three rounds of the following circuit
• 200–400m run
• 10–15 squats
• 10-15 pullups
• 10-15 pushups
• 2 x 30-second hip flexor stretches

Agility: Mark a 10-rung ladder on the floor, each rung 12–18 inches apart. Perform the following agility drills as a circuit, and then repeat 2–3 times: High Knees (one step per block); High Knees (two steps per block); Butt Kicks (one step per block). Rest as needed between each exercise. Stretch at the end of the workout.

Essential Gear

Fluescent Parkour Gloves: Tough, breathable, nonslip grippers for this ultimate urban sport. ($35;

Vans Half Cab Pro: Sleek classics designed take a beating even from vans pro skate team. ($75;

Blunt RTS Lite Umbrella: When you’re just commuting, the extra-taut, aerodynamic canopy on the Blunt withstands 52 mph winds and keeps you dry. ($69;

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