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Spring Sports Guide: The Surfer's Performance Workout

Build up your endurance, strengthen your core, and safeguard your body for shredding the surf.

Professional surfers are among the fittest athletes in the world, built with great cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, and upper and lower body power. Certified strength and conditioning coach Will Huntington demonstrates the workout program designed for serious paddle outs, gnarly holddowns, and power-packed turns.


1. Rower Intervals
8 rounds
20 second sprint/10 second rest

2. Plank Holds
3 sets
max holds
90 second rest

3. Burpees and Pushups
5 sets
10 reps
60 second rest

4. Shoulder Rotations (Internal and External)
2 sets each
10 reps
90 second rest

5. Assisted Single-Leg Squats
3 sets
5 reps
60 second rest

* Shot on location at FOCUS NYC


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