The 8 Most Challenging Hiking Trails in America

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The 8 Most Challenging Hiking Trails in America

Whether you’re up for tackling dangerously steep inclines or running into snow during the warmest months of the year, you’ll find your next weekend adventure among these trecherous treks.

Catskills, NY

Most serious hikers scoff at the thought of an East Coast trail coming close to the mountainous West in terms of strenuousness. But a little trail just two hours outside of New York City will leave the hardiest of globe-trotting mountaineers pleading for salvation. The Devil’s Path is home to six peaks above 3,500 feet and spans over 14,000 feet in length. Test your footing with near-vertical slabs of slippery rocks and dense undergrowth, and reward yourself with spectacular views of splashing waterfalls, secluded woodlands, and vistas that span four different states. It’s a far cry from the hubbub of the city.


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