The History of the Corvette

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The History of the Corvette

In honor of the new 2014 Corvette Stingray, we take a look back at Chevrolet Corvettes past and introduce you to the future—get ready for a powerful ride.
Synonymous with acid-wash jeans, big hair, and muscle tees the C4 was the iconic poster car of the 80’s (if you grew up in that era we’re going to bet you had a picture of it plastered on your wall). This new model built on the technology of the times with its sleek new style and backbone frame structure. It also saw significant high-tech changes on the inside as well, starting with electronically-controlled performance and safety features and an electroluminescent instrument panel with digital readouts. And thanks to Turn Port Injection, the C4 moved into the category of high-performing sports cars with great fuel economy.


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