Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

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Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

From roller-coaster singletrack to slickrock steeps, here are America’s sweetest spots to saddle up. The only trick? Staying on your bike.

Finding a flawless mountain biking trail isn’t that hard. It’s all about what type of terrain, flow, and length you want. Jumps, bridges, wet ground, hills, turns, and obstacles (think: boulders, roots, and streams) dictate the speed and accessibility of your ride. Looking for less pedaling, more fun? Opt for a buttery-smooth roller-coaster track void of technical elements to slow you down. Crave leg-and-glute burning cardio? Choose a steep climb that tops out onto a ridge and finishes with a flying descent. With these 10 mountain biking trails, you can’t go wrong. From unfurling high-altitude paths to challenging tight switchbacks, each demands agility, stamina, and grit. Don’t forget your helmet.

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