Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

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Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

From roller-coaster singletrack to slickrock steeps, here are America’s sweetest spots to saddle up. The only trick? Staying on your bike.

We’ve already praised the Finger Lakes Trail system for it’s A-plus running terrain, but we’re going to tout it again, this time for technical riding. The 21.3-mile branch trail (which parallels the main Finger Lakes Trail) in Letchworth State Park, near the town of Mt. Morris, will throw even the most balanced biker for a loop. The out-and-back tight singletrack has plenty of creek crossings, roots, drops, and fast flow through gorges and pine forest. Stay alert though—cover a rock the wrong way and you’ll be over your handlebars before you know it.

Distance: 21.3 miles, one way

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