Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

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Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

From roller-coaster singletrack to slickrock steeps, here are America’s sweetest spots to saddle up. The only trick? Staying on your bike.

Vermont’s Kingdom Trails, near East Burke, provide mountain bikers with the most expansive trail network in Northeast America. Take the 15.5-mile Mountainside Loop, a seamless intro to the Kingdom tracks. It highlights J-Bar and Moose Alley, two separate offshoot trails less than two miles each, worth the added ride. The Mountainside Loop starts at Burke Mountain Campground on a downhill doubletrack and flows into tight singletrack riddled with roots, jumps, and bridges. Despite a couple of road crossings, most of the ride is strictly on dirt. You’ll finish with a steep climb back to the campground. Have a recovery beer, or two, chilling in the cooler. You’ll be ready for a brew by the time you get back.

Distance: 15.5 miles; J-Bar (+1.9 miles); Moose Alley (+1.8 miles)

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