Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

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Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in America

From roller-coaster singletrack to slickrock steeps, here are America’s sweetest spots to saddle up. The only trick? Staying on your bike.

Due to preservation restrictions, much of California’s public land is off limits to 29-inch wheels. But the Paradise Royale Trail, deep in the King Range Mountains off of California’s northern coast, was engineered and built specifically for mountain biking. The 14-mile loop descends briefly and then steadily climbs 1,200 feet out of humid forest. Dominate the 19 gritty switchbacks over a section dubbed “The Prince of Pain," which takes you to Paradise Ridge, a vista of the Pacific Ocean below. Drop down along the final five miles and relish the turns, whoops, and tabletops—designed for guys like you.

Distance: 14 miles

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