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Fit Travel: Top 16 Adventure Destinations in the U.S.

Need an adventure vacation but don't know where to go? Start here, with our list of America's best hotspots to get your adrenaline fix — from bouldering to backpacking, and kitesurfing to parkour, we've got you covered.

Parkour, Skateboarding & BMX

7) Coleman Oval Skatepark, New York City
The Lower East Side skatepark recently underwent a face-lift, creating a better “flow” for novice and expert skaters, complete with wall rides, double bumps, and old-school pyramids.

8) Houghton Skatepark, Long Beach, California
This 25,000-square-foot park has taken over as the go-to skate park in the LBC for skaters and BMXers. The street and bowl sections are well separated so—hopefully— you can ride without crashing into someone during a session.



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