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Fit Travel: Top 16 Adventure Destinations in the U.S.

Need an adventure vacation but don't know where to go? Start here, with our list of America's best hotspots to get your adrenaline fix — from bouldering to backpacking, and kitesurfing to parkour, we've got you covered.

Rock Climbing, Bouldering & Paragliding

9) Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Test yourself on hundreds of miles of beautiful red sandstone cliffs, all packed into a small area.

10) Yosemite, California
Widely regarded as the best single rock climbing area in the world, the slick, glacier-polished granite of Half Dome, the Nose, and other big walls (upward of 3,000 feet) draws climbers from around the world, but also has plenty of practice climbs, too.

11) Hueco Tanks, Texas
The best place for bouldering. It’s a great wintertime climbing area, too, since daytime temps only dip into the 50s.

12) Telluride, Colorado
This ultrahigh-altitude launch (12,250 feet) won’t disappoint avid paragliders who want to soar across a stunning box canyon down to 8,750 feet.



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