Top Skateboarding Parks

Five spots sure to please any shredder

VANS Skatepark, Florida

Location: Orlando, Florida
Opened: 2002

This 20,000-square-foot indoor course features many obstacles even for the most advanced street skaters. With stair sets, rails, ledges, and ramps, you can push yourself to learn a few new tricks or keep perfecting the ones you know so well. Lessons and rentals are also available here, and there is a special pee-wee area designed just for beginners. If you need a break from all that skating, there is an arcade area with the latest games.

Park Features:

  • A 25,000-square-foot indoor street course, which includes pyramids, step-ups, rails, ledges, and hubbas
  • Cement Dough Boy Bowl, which features depths from 4 to 8 feet
  • An 8,000-square-foot warm-up street course, which includes all the features of the main course
  • A 15,000-square-foot outdoor concrete street course, featuring manual pads, six-stair set, 10-stair set, multiple bowls, hips, and handrails
  • Two mini ramps that are both surfaced in skatelite
  • A competition vert ramp (40' wide with 10' 3" transitions and 1' 9" of vert surfaced in skatelite)
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