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This Triathlete Beat Colon Cancer—and Now He’s Cycling Across the Country

After a terrifying diagnosis, Andrew Kalley kept up his exercise routine during chemo—and came back stronger than ever.

Andrew Kalley was killing it in the fitness realm. As a personal trainer and triathlon coach, he’d made it his career—but he was also an athlete himself, placing in his age group in races like the ITU World Championships in Edmonton, Canada, the most competitive amateur triathlon in the world. It was there, in December 2014, however, that he realized something was off—there was blood in his stool but he felt normal otherwise. “I took the typical guy approach and I decided to ignore it and assume it would go away on its own,” says Kalley. Two months later he finally decided to go to the doctor. It’s a good thing he did. After being referred to a specialist, 32-year-old Kalley got the prognosis: colon cancer. “I sat in the doctor’s office and I swore I was hearing things or dreaming. My mouth became dry and I could barely swallow. I felt the walls closing in,” he remembers.

Luckily, the tumor was successfully removed and less than a year later, Kalley beat the disease and was back in action. He went to Age Group Nations (the qualifying race for Worlds for the following year) only a month and a half after chemo and qualified for Worlds again this year in Mexico. 

And now, he’s giving back. “I’m sure charitable hearts helped get me through cancer—It’s important for me to do the same,” says Kalley. Last year, he raised over $20,000 for cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering. This summer, starting on June 18th, he’ll be biking Race Across America as part of an eight-man relay team to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can read more about it in the Q&A on the next page.

If you want to learn more and get involved visit Kalley’s team page.

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Read on for more about Kalley’s journey to beat cancer, plus what he’s up to next.



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