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The Ultimate Indoor Rock Climbing Workout

Power through this 12-move workout to reach new heights in rock climbing.
rock climbing workout

Indoor rock climbing is one of the most adrenaline-pumping sports you can do. It’s also gaining popularity, and fast. According to a report by Climbing Business Journal, 28 new indoor rock climbing gyms opened in the U.S. in 2013, bumping up the total to 310. Whether you’re bouldering (no rope) or using a harness and rope, indoor climbing is a great total-body workout to get strong and burn calories.

This physically and mentally demanding sport requires more than just working on the wall. You have to train your mind and body hard to literally push yourself to new heights.  

“You have to focus your training in the gym as well as the wall if you want to progress in climbing,” says Trevor Swaine, C.P.T. and founder of First Ascent Fitness. “Most movements in climbing are very controlled and fluid, therefore, we want to maximize muscle contractions and minimize the generation of momentum.”

Designed by Swaine, this strength-building gym workout will target the core and back while also incorporating chest and triceps exercises to avoid muscle imbalances. Take your fitness to a whole new level with this intense 12-move full-body workout.

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