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What it’s Actually Like to Climb Everest With No Oxygen—and Document the Whole Thing on Snapchat

Eddie Bauer athletes Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger on training, eating, boredom, friendship, and seriously important life lessons.

Climbing to the top of Everest is a bucket list item not for the faint of heart. Climbing to the top of Everest without oxygen is, well, kind of a crazy concept. Enter Eddie Bauer athletes Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger. The pair attempted the feet just two weeks ago—and though Adrian made the courageous decision to turn back just 1200 feet away from the summit, Cory made it to the peak. What makes their journey all the more interesting is the fact that they used Snapchat to document the entire thing. Using the handle @EverestNoFilter, the two together posted around 40 snaps a day—having to wait to arrive at camp to get access to Wifi that makes your dial-up modem from 1999 look fancy. We sat down with the two the day after their 15-hour flight from Nepal to talk about what they ate, wore, and their eight-hour/day workouts leading up to it. We were particularly inspired by how their friendship helped them get through the seemingly endless hours of bored—and to hear their advice to "regular" guys who want to climb Everest themselves. Check out their Snapchat "documentary" below and then check out our Q&A with them. 


MF: How do you feel physically being suddenly at sea level?

Adrian: We probably have 50% more blood cells than we need right now because of the altitude. Our body needs to shed all that to become more efficient. It takes time to feel normal, energy wise.

Cory: It can be dangerous. People get blood clots flying home because their blood is so thin.



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