8 Bad Habits That Could Make You Healthier

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8 Bad Habits That Could Make You Healthier

Some “bad” habits were never meant to be broken. These eight vices may ward off illness, sharpen your mind, and could even help you reach your fitness goals.

The Benefit: Improves Immunity

While it might not always feel totally pleasant to have an adrenaline-fueled day at work, experiencing short periods of low-level stress can actually make your mind and body more effective. Stress causes heightened awareness, increased energy, and a surge in blood flow, all of which trigger a release of hormones that send protective chemicals into the bloodstream, explains Firdaus Dhabhar, Ph.D., director of research at the Stanford University Center on Stress and Health. This helps to boost immunity and reduce your risk for certain types of cancer.

What’s more, according to research from the University of Buffalo in New York, people who face stressful life events develop a kind of emotional resilience that affords them better mental health and more life satisfaction than those who haven’t encountered such tough obstacles. The catch, though, is that the kind of stress that offers these benefits is acute, not chronic. What’s the difference? While acute stress is generally short-lived (think: work deadlines), chronic stress is long-lasting, feels beyond your control, and may require support from a therapist if it endures beyond a few consecutive days. Left untreated, chronic stress can contribute to heart disease, depression, and obesity.

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