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Smart, Simple Money Moves that Can Save You Some Major Bucks

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Smart, Simple Money Moves that Can Save You Some Major Bucks

As soon as your cell phone contract is up, prepare to pay less. With pricing turmoil and lots of upstarts in the industry, consider Virgin Mobile or Republic Wireless. T-Mobile even offers a $50 plan with unlimited talk. You may not get great service everywhere, but you’ll save lots of cash.

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Be careful on Twitter. Credit rating agencies, which determine whether you’ll get a loan and how much interest you’ll pay, are experimenting with social media to evaluate your financial reliability. It could hurt you if too many of your friends are deadbeats, or even if words like wasted appear in your posts too many times.

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If you’re thinking of popping the question, it’s worth knowing that diamond prices are falling hard. De Beers lowered prices on diamonds 15% last year, and the numbers are falling this year, too. And good luck!

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