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Sorry, Marijuana Does Not Boost Creativity

Your smoking habit could actually make you less creative.

More research to prove that your habit of lighting up could be harmful to your mental flow, man: A study published in journal Psychopharmacology suggests that despite popular opinion that pot smoking bolsters creativity, cannabis could actually hinder out-of-the-box thinking.

Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands studied three groups of healthy cannabis users. One group was given marijuana with a high THC content (the equivalent of three joints); another group was given a low dose of THC (equivalent to one joint), and a third group was given a placebo. None of the candidates were aware of what they were being given.

Based on the cognitive tasks that the participants were required to complete – coming up with ideas by exploring many solutions (divergent thinking) and finding the only correct answer to a question (convergent thinking) - researchers found that the cannabis with a high-dose THC significantly impaired divergent thinking among the test subjects.

What's more, the group that was given the low dose of THC did not significantly outperform the group given a placebo in the realms of divergent thinking, reported Medical News Today. So the next time you have writer’s block, you might want to think twice before turning to marijuana for a boost.

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