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Sports Memorabilia Collecting Made Easy

Turn your love of the game into a fun - and possibly profitable - hobby.

Opening Day

When deciding what kinds of items to buy, keep it simple and concentrate on jerseys, helmets, balls, hats, and equipment. The general rule to remember is that game-used gear is always going to be more valuable than mass-produced products like individual or team pictures (not to mention bobbleheads).  
Regardless of what you choose, it’s important to follow the Three Cardinal Rules of successful collecting:

? Make a budget and buy the absolute best items you can afford.
? Collect items only from sports that you understand well.
? If you’re collecting as an investment, seek out categories the rest of the world has not yet exploited.

And never let your personal taste in sports overrule common sense. NFL stuff is always a solid bet because the sport is so insanely popular. Olympics memorabilia, on the other hand, may not be as good a base for a collection since interest ebbs and flows on a four-year cycle.

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