10 Most Interesting, Superstitious Rituals of Professional Athletes

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10 Most Interesting, Superstitious Rituals of Professional Athletes

Jordan never hit the court without his UNC trunks under his Bulls uniform. And Boggs ate chicken before every game. MF explains why your favorite pro athletes practice the superstitious rituals they do.
Nomar was well loved within Boston from the mid-90s and into the 2000s for being one of the best shortstops in the league, leading the Red Sox’s offense with Manny Ramirez. Boston fans lament the fact that he was gone before the 2004 curse-ending championship, but most other fans could care less. He was a constant threat at the plate, although part of that came in the form of annoyance for viewers, who were mystified throughout his career due to his apparent inability to Velcro his batting gloves or hold still in the batter’s box. Every new pitch brought about more fidgeting with his gloves; more kicking the dirt off his shoes once he stepped back into the box. He’s had a number of imitators, and it’s arguable that he contributed to the increasingly slow pace of MLB games. Still, you can’t argue with results – Garciaparra appeared in six All-Star Games and posted a career .313 average over 14 pro seasons.


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