10 Most Interesting, Superstitious Rituals of Professional Athletes

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10 Most Interesting, Superstitious Rituals of Professional Athletes

Jordan never hit the court without his UNC trunks under his Bulls uniform. And Boggs ate chicken before every game. MF explains why your favorite pro athletes practice the superstitious rituals they do.
The six-time champion/Finals MVP and five-time regular season MVP who dominated the NBA in the 1990s, an era that featured a number of all-time great players, never forgot his basketball roots. Jordan wore his lucky shorts from his days at UNC underneath his Chicago Bulls uniform in every NBA game, which may have helped propel him to more greatness on the professional stage. MJ had led his alma mater to an NCAA championship in 1982, and would wear those ratty old short shorts throughout his career, including his two separate three-peats from 1991-93 and 1996-98. Jordan wore longer shorts than most players to fully cover his college gear, and he’s credited with effecting the change in basketball shorts style that persists today.

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