10 Most Interesting, Superstitious Rituals of Professional Athletes

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10 Most Interesting, Superstitious Rituals of Professional Athletes

Jordan never hit the court without his UNC trunks under his Bulls uniform. And Boggs ate chicken before every game. MF explains why your favorite pro athletes practice the superstitious rituals they do.
Rafa’s behavior may not seem too out of the ordinary when you watch him on screen during the later rounds of Grand Slam tennis tournaments. However, this champion has a number of peculiar habits and world-views that set him apart, not only from the general population, but also from most of his opponents, who also take part in the lonely, often superstitious pro tennis circuit. In his autobiography, he revealed some of the things he hates (not dislikes, hates) off the court – ham, cheese, storms, animals and several other things. On the court, he has a number of habits that have been noted – Will Swanton of The Australian listed a slew of them (Inside the Mind of Rafael Nadal the Neurotic). Some examples: Nadal takes a cold shower 45 minutes before every match, he towels down after every point (even for aces and double faults), he points the labels of his drinking bottles toward the end of the court he’s about to play from and he never stands up from his chair before his opponent. If you’re not this neurotic, that’s why you’ve never made it to the Wimbledon Final.

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