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10 Most Unforgettable MLB Postseason Chokes

The MLB postseason wouldn't be the same without the game-changing screw-ups. Join us as we count down the worst of them all.

As the playoffs move closer and closer to the World Series, every night brings us new heroes and scapegoats. Whether it’s a starting pitcher who gets shelled, a closer who blows a save or a cleanup hitter who goes 0-for-5, it’s all par for the course – well, almost. Every once in a while, a player, team or even an umpire can come along and screw up at the absolute worst possible moment to change the outcome of a series. A number of postseason errors and poor performances have gone forgotten by most fans. Sure, they’re in the record books, but there are only a few that ended up costing a team a playoff series, or even a World Series.

Many would say these guys just couldn’t handle the pressure, which may be true. But what’s more likely is that they just got unlucky. Everyone makes a mistake here and there, lets a lead get away from them or just fails to put away a team. These players, umpires and full teams just picked the worst time and place to screw up, providing the most memorable postseason choke jobs in MLB history.



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