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10 Signature Moves By Professional Athletes

The showboatingest acts of self-righteousness in all of sports.
10 Signature Moves By Professional Athletes

Seattle Mariners closer Fernando Rodney recorded the last out of the 8th inning against the Los Angeles Angles on Sunday and prematurely flashed his game-ending “bow and arrow." Then, in the 9th, Albert Pujols tied the game with a double, scoring teammate Mike Trout. Both Trout and Pujols took a moment to shoot Rodney's air-arrows back at the slanted-cap-wearing hurler. The Angels won the game. 

A prime example of how overt showing off can backfire, the bow and arrow is one of many "signature moves" in sports. 

Check out 10 more signature moves performed by professional athletes.

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers stretches his hands across his waist to symbolize a championship belt like a professional wrestler.

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Johnny Manziel’s “cash money” hand motion is fitting since his No. 2 Cleveland Browns jersey is the NFL’s top selling jersey and the quarterback has yet to take a snap in the league. Manziel raises his hands and rubs his fingertips together symbolizing his love for cold, hard cash. 

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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson crosses his arms in an X formation with his left hand in a fist and his right underneath pointing with his index finger skyward. 

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New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz celebrates touchdowns by doing a salsa dance in the endzone.

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San Franciso 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick raises his right arm to kiss his tattooed biceps after scoring a touchdown.

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After blocking a shot, former NBA center Dikembe Mutombo would raise his hand and wag his pointer finger “no” as in “not in my house.” 

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Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow would kneel on one knee and bow his head, a super focused pose that wound up becoming a media meme. 

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton places his hands in the center of his chest and separates them, as if he were Clark Kent ripping off a suit to reveal his Superman gear. 

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NBA star Lebron James riles up the crowd with his pre-game “powder toss” routine. He claps together powder above his head as if a King has just appeared out of nowhere. 

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Golf superstar Tiger Woods throws a swift fist punch through the air after sinking a hole.

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