10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

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10 Standout NFL Preseason Players of 2012

These football rookies (and other 2nd and 3rd stringers) showed serious potential during the preseason. Keep your eye on them: It probably won't be long before they're making their way into the starting lineup.

Damaris Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles WR

Damaris Johnson treated the NFL preseason with the urgency he needed as an undrafted receiver out of Tulsa. Johnson put up better numbers than any other receiver on the Eagles, with 12 catches for 195 yards and a touchdown, while also returning punts at an 8.9-yard average. On a team that had three roster locks in the receiving corps coming into training camp – Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant – Johnson has done a great job in trying to lay claim to the fourth WR slot.

It’s hard to say whether Johnson will get a huge number of touches during the season, but he seems to have put himself in a strong position to be a viable option if one of those core three receivers needs to go to the sideline, or if any given play calls for four or five wide-outs. Expect to see Johnson seize some playing time as a punt returner and at least occasionally as a receiver thanks to his stellar performance in training camp and preseason.

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